Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bring that bar cart over here!

A few weeks before Christmas I discovered the idea of bar carts, and, immediately, fell in love. 

There was a space in our apartment that I could not figure out how to utilize until I discovered this heavenly idea. So, when my mom asked me what Aaron and I would like for Christmas, I quickly responded, "Bar Cart! Bar Cart! Bar Cart!...among other things"  (I think Aaron would have rather received Steelers tickets or something else manly, but sacrifices are made everyday, right?). 

bar cart

I knew I wanted a gold bamboo one, and through "googling" I discovered ShopSocietySocial. After deciding the Sedgewick was the best option, my mama went ahead and placed the order and it arrived in 4 days. You know you have grown up when you get this excited about furniture. 

Above is our version (grainy picture taken with my iPhone)

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