Friday, January 29, 2016

Our Baby Bubby

Baby Boy's Room

Welp, it's about that time...3 weeks today until my due date. I can't believe it! Aaron and I tried to get pregnant for about 10 months and then when it was supposed to happen it did :) 

I had started creating a board on Polyvore to help me figure out what I wanted to the little guy's nursery to look like. I took inspiration of how to set up my mood board from the Lay Baby Lay blog. And I'm really happy with how his nursery turned out 

Also, I suppose I very rarely updated the blog with the going-ons of our life. So, I will say we bought a house in 2013 in an awesome "hipster" neighborhood and then we turned around and sold it 2 years later. 
We loved the neighborhood and the fact that we were so close to our good friends, Taylor & Chase, but the fact that we didn't have a yard was weighing on us. With a baby on the way and the fact that I had to take Luca for a walk everytime he had to go out played a huge part in us starting the process of looking for our new home. We didn't plan on moving as quickly as we did but we found a house that we love in a cute "village" 20 min from downtown Pittsburgh. The new house is still a work in progress but Aaron is loving it!