Monday, September 1, 2014

Tulum....yes please!

The first time I read about Tulum was on this blog posting Sincerely Jules goes to Tulum. I thought it sounded wonderful and just like my ideal vacation spot- and after further research I discovered Tulum's affinity for hammocks and the minute I see a picture of a hammock I feel as though I could fall asleep with relaxation.

Cut to 4 months later...

A new single screen movie theater has just opened in Lawrenceville, Row House Cinema, that plays classics and cult favorites. Their soft opening weekend was free admission for those "in the know". And our friends, Taylor and Chase, are always "in the know". 

Friday night Taylor, Chase, Aaron, and I go see Point Break-which I amazingly had never heard of even though I love Keanu Reeves and pretend to be an avid surfer. While watching the movie and drinking a very large bottle of beer, I declared to Aaron that we are "most definitely going on a surf vacation!". 

Two weeks later...

Our trip to Tulum is booked for Nov 1st-8th - the week of Aaron's 30th birthday! Mind you-I don't think you can even surf in Tulum (due to little windswell), but just gimme a boogie board and I will be as entertained as a 9 yr old boy at Legoland (I assume 9 yr olds boys love Legoland...?)! 

Pictures to come mid November....anticipate being jealous :)